Wandavision: [Spoilers] is NOT who you think it is

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Spoilers for WandaVision and/or potential spoilers for the rest of the season.

In the newest episode of WandaVision on Disney+ we learned a lot about the “Maximoff Anomaly” or “The Hex” if you’d prefer Dr. Darcy’s nickname for it. Throughout the episode Vision gets more suspicious, Agnes seems more aware, Tommy and Billy seem uncontrollable, and Wanda admits she isn’t completely in charge of everything happening in Westview. This all leads me to believe Wanda is telling the truth.

Although Wanda is arguably the most powerful Avenger, I still do not believe she is strong enough to control every single person in Westview. Even when Vision awakens his friend Norm from his “Hex Trance”, he only says “Make her stop.” He never says Wanda, he only says her. This only further leads me to believe that Agnes is in fact portraying Agatha Harkness and manipulating Wanda. She is most likely the “her” that Norm was referring to. My theory is that she may have even been in assistance to the biggest reveal this season has had so far.

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“She recast Pietro?” — I don’t think so. I have seen many theories that Wanda may have accidentally pulled a Pietro from a wrong timeline or multiverse, leading people to believe that Evan Peters has returned to his role as Pietro. This is simply not the case. When Evans Peters dawned the Quicksilver name in the X-Men film saga his name was Peter Maximoff not Pietro. This means Evans Peters is playing a whole new version of this character, not replacing Aaron Taylor Johnson. When Wanda opened the door to reveal her visitor she was extremely confused by her unexpected guest. She did not do this, I believe Agnes did. This “Pietro” did not even know who Vision was, calling him a popsicle, when we know for a fact he met him in Age of Ultron. There’s so many details that don’t add up and lead me to believe that Evan Peters is playing a whole other character entirely.

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Remember Agnes’s husband Ralph she always mentions but we never see? There has been some solid theories thus far stating that Ralph is actually Mephisto, which I also believe. If Agnes truly is Agatha Harkness it would make sense that this duo is working together because they have a history of doing so in the comics. Mephisto is basically the Marvel version of the devil, and the devil is known to take several forms. I’m theorizing that one of those forms is Pietro. Yes that’s right. I think that Evan Peters is really the villain. He’s playing Mephisto who is playing Ralph who is playing this Pietro. It would make sense as to why his character was able to arrive so quickly and just in time. We know now that after Wanda exited The Hex to return the strike drone to S.W.O.R.D that she strengthened the barriers with her powers to avoid anymore un-welcomed guests. This means that Evan Peters’s character would’ve had to already been in Westview or be someone powerful enough to enter The Hex without any disruption.

Another detail that adds more substance to my theory is Sparky the dog’s death. Agnes just coincidentally finds Sparky dead in her yard, revealing him to Wanda and her sons to leading them feel grief. The twins were about to age themselves up again to avoid the pain of loosing their pet before Wanda talked them out of it. Earlier in the episode Agnes was present for both the twin’s age phasing, witnessing their ability to alter their existence in this sit-com reality. In the comics, Mephisto’s soul was used to create Wanda’s children. Could this of been what that “for the children” chat was all about in episode 2? Mephisto later literally absorbs the children to regain his power which ends their lives, driving Wanda mad. This could be why Agnes wants to age the twins up. Maybe if they’re older and stronger, it’s better for her pal Mephisto to absorb them in that state.

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Keep in mind that this all just a theory, and not at all yet revealed by WandaVision. Although this show has many parallels to several Scarlet Witch and Vision comics, it isn’t following just one. This is what makes the show so interesting and fun to watch. Even the most dedicated of comic book fans can not know for sure where this series is going. Evan Peters’s appearance in the show only adds to the confusion and throws all of its fan off its scent. Just when you think we’re getting answers, WandaVision throws us for another loop. Every Friday we wait for more answers but with that we just have more questions. With 4 more episode remaining this season, we can only expect them to get crazier from this point on.

WandaVision is exclusively streaming on Disney+ with a new episode releasing every Friday




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Becca Bochna

Becca Bochna

Aspiring blogger / UF student

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